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Is it nice to be nice?

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Emotional advice I consider myself to be a very caring person , I often stick up for someone, never try and judge anyone, be patient, listen, I not blowing my own trumpet it's just how I am, trouble is I asked myself a while back does anyone ever show me kindness, care etc and to be honest it was a no I don't seem to have friends or colleagues who tend to be the way I am, so am I asking for people or expecting people to treat me how I treat others or should I accept that not everyone is caring and get over it, or maybe should I stop bothering about people just look out for myself...I know if struggle to do that it's not me behaving like that, sorry for the long rant just fed up with feeling used

Is it nice to be nice?

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Hi Royal Baby,

How are you?

First of all, I think you are a wonderful person. You are wonderful 'cause you got principles and character which is the very essence of how any human being should be. You should be the standard, not the exception. And guess what, in this world, there's already a scarcity of nice people, so it would really be nice if you can still continue being you.

Who you are should never ever depend on how people treat you. If they can't treat you the same way you expect them to be, then there's nothing you can do. They have their own lives and actions, and while it may make you sad cause they can't show the same concern and effort like the way you do, you can't really do anything about it.

Nevertheless, how they behave should not define your actions. If you are nice, then still be nice even if others aren't. If you stick up for someone, then do it even if others are not. If you are patient, not judgmental, and loyal and kind, still be like that, even if others are not like that. Because that is who you are as a person. It is your nature to be kind despite the shortcomings of other people. If you are wonderful, stay wonderful even if you are surrounded by people who can't behave the way you do...That's why in a garden, there's always one flower that would stand out.

I believe in you, royal baby, and I know that you will always remain kind no matter what.

God bless you always!


Is it nice to be nice?

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Hello Royal Baby:

I think it is fine for you to be nice to everyone (unless under attack, of course, and you need to protect yourself). Nice is okay. But when it comes to investing in others, investing your time, energy, money, see to it that you do get a reasonable return on your investment.

It is not healthy for a person to give and give with no return. We naturally get angry as a result. We need and want a return on our investment. No return again and again from a particular person, better not invest anymore in that person.


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