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Want to get my girlfriend back

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we both have are own place but she has been staying with me for the past few months. one day she took my car to pick up her children and said she was staying the week at her place without asking if I wonted to come. I was upset and took my car back and text her and said I'm breaking up with you. the next day I said I was sorry and wanted her back that I realized I didn't give her enough affection and that I would change and meant it. she said she needed space and I was nice and said OK. come to find out she already had planned to go stay with another guy in another town. Among flirting with other guys. I told her that I new about it and said I thought you loved me o'well have fun. I left it at that. I don't contact her but she text me almost ever other day to say things like stay of her face book. even now I'm not looking at it. she text this once a day for a few days . then when she did it again I text her- I don't care to go on your face book, I'm not going on your face book, and I'm not going to go on it. she text me right back and said so what are you doing. I replayed that I was hanging out with the girls,i meant my grandchildren, maybe she took it the wrong way all she text back to me was lmao. so I dident reply. she seems to only text me to say rude things like leave my Facebook anlone. what is going on. I Haven't broke up with her yet and she hasn't sayed she's breaking up with me yet. think she is mad that I didn't give her enought attention and that I found out what she was really up to when she said she needed space. also I still talk to my wife who is in prison. we are seperated and I never flirt with her on the phone and if she tries to flirt with me I tell her to stop. I know she didn't like me talking to her on the phone and I realize I was wrong for doing it. so now she's staying at her place and I'm not sure how to get her back? I know I messed up not being affectionet and talking on the phone to my wife whitch we are separated. I don't won't my x wife do I get my girlfreind back?

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