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What do I do??

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Other advice Okay so i told my crush i liked him yesterday (purely for me; i just wanted to get it out there i didnt actually think he liked me), and i don't know how to act tomorrow bc he kinda rejected me (he didnt outright say it - he said he didnt know and i caught him off guard even when i said it was cool if he didnt like me - but it was clear).

i would have seen him today but i wasn't at school bc i had a doctor's appointment. my friend told me he told all his friends and he was acting like it was a joke, and they were all laughing. i have almost every single class with this guy, and we are working alone in a group project together.

how do i act around him? (and if you say normally, please elaborate HOW i do that bc its not as easy as it sounds).

What do I do??

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I'm sorry that your crush responded the way he did. It's one thing when you're turned down. It's another thing entirely when you're mocked for beautiful feelings you felt for them.

The important lesson here is that you had a crush on some idealized version of the guy, and confessions of lust tend to go over more positively when you already know your subject a little better and have a good connection.

As for how to act... Just be yourself, and also, try to move on from it. It's another day at school, and what happened, happened.

I realize this is easier said than done. He and/or his friends may say certain things or make you feel vulnerable, and it might be kind of tough for a few days. Typically, from my experience, people often move on fairly quick. They get bored, and find something new to harp on.

They may never truly get to know you or appreciate you for the person you are. But we're all so wrapped up in our own lives and our own groups of acquaintances that we don't usually want to spend time dwelling on those we aren't interested in.

You should do the same. Stick to your groups of friends and people who value you, and this embarrassment will fade.

What do I do??

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So you told him you liked him - caught him off guard - he doesn’t know what to do with the information. He needs to process it. Too bad he’s gone so public and brought in a lot of other people in on this.

Geez, you didn’t profess undying love and marriage to him: you just told him you liked him.

So ... you do nothing but smile. (And no need talk to other people about this. It’s private. Give him time to think about it)

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