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Hopeless & confused

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Hi. i am a guy in my young 30's who has been in a loving relationship with my daughters mother for 13 1/2 years. i have had an indiscretion that i voluntarily told her about a few years ago which has caused her not to trust me anymore. Consequently, i had a pic of a old friend in my email account that she happened to hack into recently and now she wants nothing to do with me. in the email i told the female hi and that she was sexy, of which i know was wrong to do. i didnt attempt to court this female in any way nor did i try to further contact her after the pic was sent. she has since stopped wearing her engagement ring and has told me that i should kill myself & that i have wasted her life. i kno i was wrong in what i did and i dont know how to fix it........... PLEASE HELP!

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