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Avoiding talks

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Hi, I have been in a relationship for past 3yrs. Its a long distance relationship so as u know, it doesn't go well much. Fortunately, I dont have any trust issues with my gf. She trusts me too..i think. The problem is not that its going well. My gf has a tendency to get angry very quickly. Regardless of situation that I am in, she will be angry. And its always me that consoles her. Even though I was the one angry in the beginning. Its like its always my fault. As time passed, I began to adjust to that situation. She is a very good girl, I dont want anyone to have a bad impression abt her. Any guy would be luckiest to have her. But the problem is her anger. I love to talk to her, always have and always will. But for past few months I started avoiding talking to her, mostly because of fear of making her angry. I cannot tell her that, since the reason is obvious. I cannot do anything in this situation. She started noticing that I am not interested in talking to her. Its not that I dont want to talk to her,its just that her anger comes in between every decision or conversation I try to make. My jokes r not funny anymore, my compliments are questionable. I dont know what I am doing wrong. When I am angry,I try my best to suppress my anger to console her. Sometimes I feel that I spoiled her. I dont know what I should do?

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