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Working with my friend is causing trouble

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Hi everyone

Recently my good friend of over 15 years has started working in the same office as me we have worked together in the same building for a long time but never in the same office, she is just providing cover as we have people on holiday or off sick, initially I was pleased that she was covering as she is a hard worker and very reliable

One day last week my supervisor left written instructions for me and my friend as she was out of office at a meeting,there is a ruling that during our working hours the telephone has to be manned at all times, and this day my friend was asked to cover the phone so I could take my lunch break

This request didn't go down well with my friend she got extremely irate saying she doesn't answer phones that is not her job and she will not do it

I said to her I understood that she didn't answer the phone in her department but I was willing to run through the process etc I also explained that I needed to leave the office and take my break as I had to pick up something from the city centre

She once again refused went off doing her work, she then took her lunch break but never mentioned my break, I ended up not taking my break because I knew the problems we would have if the phone wasn't manned

Later she just behaved like nothing had happened she got the train with me like we do every day after work

I'm really annoyed at her behaviour I thought as a friend she wouldn't of sat there and let me miss my break

My dilemma is now, do I report her to my supervisor

Next week when she is covering do I just leave and take my break whether she likes it or not

Say nothing so our friendship isn't damaged

Sorry if this sounds petty but I'm so shocked by her behaviour especially when I class her as such a good friend

Working with my friend is causing trouble

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This is an issue between that employee and the supervisor. Ask the boss to explain the rules again so everyone understands. (If answering the phone is not something she thought was in her original job description, I can understand her feelings.)

Working with my friend is causing trouble

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The first thing that you mentioned is that you have been friends for 15 years. How important is this friendship to you? As true friends we often have to let some things go and forgive. I suggest that you talk about this with your friend. If you don't it will fester and may cause hard feelings that will end your friendship.

You could start out by saying something like "remember the other day when I couldn't take a break because no one would be here to answer the phone? It was very hurtful to me that you didn't help me out so I could take a break."

It's always good to try to see the long term effects of decisions that we make. It's also a good idea to ask your supervisor to tell your friend the rules instead of just writing them down and expecting everyone to know them.

God intended for us to have friends. They are an important part of our life. I pray that you and your friend can continue and grow in your friendship!

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