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What would you do?

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Relationship advice I have been married for 14 years and due to a difficult marriage we have been living in together but been sleeping in separate rooms for 4 years. No sexual contact has happened. We have a child who is 12 and together we raise her.
He cheated on me in the past but insists that i have no proof that it happened.

As we live separately and i no longer find him attractive i keep asking for a divorce. He refuses to respond and turns a deaf ear when the subject comes up. To be honest i am waiting for another year which will make 5 years of not living as man and wife. And divorce him without permission.

This morning a package arrived it was open with a note from the postman.

The contents was 2 male enhancement tablets....for strength,stamina,libido....and another one for vitality, virility, and Vigor...

Part of me wants to confront him as to me this indicates that he is cheating. However as i feel that without proof i cant do anything.

Anyway knowing him he will say he brought it to get back with me. However we have not discussed this, and if he did suggest it i would say no as i dont find him attractive emotional and physical anymore.

What are your thoughts?

What would you do?

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Are you in the US? Most states have no- fault divorce. When one party wants a divorce, that starts the procedure. No more having to have “proof” of the marriage falling apart.

This non- marriage has gone on long enough. He probably is unhappy, too.

Have a heart to heart with him and decide if it is best to separate. Let him know that there is no marriage - I’m sure he feels the same.

Counseling may help, if only to help sort out custody issues and housing arrangements for your child.

I wouldn’t say anything about his delivery. He can explain or not. But after 4 years, is it a real issue any more?

What would you do?

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Your so right thank you. Best to not mention the packet.
Btw im in the UK. The divorce law sucks.....

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