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Drunk girl friend problem

To start out im a felon with a violent past ive been out of prison for a couple years and i have changed but i meet this girl about a year and a half ago and we dated broke up and dated and she ended up getting pregnant and having a baby we both drank she used to use heavy drugs but had stopped and we moved into a house together we ended up getting into fights about drinking i had completely quit so i could put my energy into supporting us she kept drinking which i didnt have a problem with but the drinking became a nightly thing and we end up in a big fight one night and she was blacked out drunk and wants to fight she threw stuff at me hit me so i left but i drive about a block and came back in the basement to see if she was going to destroy my things about when i got in there i hear a thud and glass breaking i run up stairs to stop her my other roommates where there and i grabbed and held her down then i was mad and went in the other room and threw some of her stuff out the window then more people came which i was glad to see incase she got crazy enough to grab a knife or something she came in the other room where the window was open and acussed me of trying to throw the baby out the window but there were other people there to witness what was going on i left and stayed away from the house for a week she was going to oklahoma to visit her family for a month now shes there ive talked about counsuling ect but for every suggestion theres always an excuse and its usually somehow my fault this is my first kid i really wanted a family but i cant be around someone that trys to get me to violently react ive talked to her a couple times once was a fight the next time she was civil but now shes staying in oklahoma for good 2000 miles away i would just would like some outside opinions and advice

Drunk girl friend problem

i think she must care about her child because drinking is not only bad for her,you must talk with her first of all about your child,its not your fault cause your past had already gone and you must think about present.she needs doctor,only doctor can say how to start avoiding drinks,but you must remember that drunk people usually dont understand what are they doing.

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