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Beginning college and ending my relationship

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Relationship advice I began dating my partner 4+ years ago. We we're just in high school. Now, recently we have both graduated and are off to college. Mine is different then his and, his is an hour away. We are both full time students starting within the next 2 weeks. I broke up with him (discussed it with him weeks in advance) at graduation. We are both still very in love with each other and we are trying to spend as much time together before school starts. Im scared of losing him. At the same time, i am also nervous that my school will suffer because of my relationship with him. It hard giving up a partner and a best friend.

Beginning college and ending my relationship

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You could give it a go? 4+ years is a long time. So is this really what you both want? The fact you still want to see each as much as possible before starting college says a lot, like, you don't want this too happen.

I know lots of couples break up before or during college for whatever reason but some stay together.

My bf goes to uni five hours away from home and has just done his first yr. It wasn't easy and it does test your relationship on all levels, but we did it and we got four more years of it! With everything there are pros and cons.

You do have to let each other go off and do your own thing, make friends and have fun, work hard, so that you both settle in well and are happy. And learning not to take it personally, if you don't talk to each other for a few days/week coz the other is busy is another thing.

With seeing each other you both have to put the effort in and travel to see each other and sometimes meeting half at a weekend is a good alternative or if you miss each other but you get used to seeing each other in the holidays, they do come round really quickly and you appreciate the time you have together.

I was a full time student at the time too. I kept college work and my relationship separate, they are two different things and if you're self disciplined and organsiaed then that help.
It's just accepting that college work comes first, most of the time.

I think the thing is not to look ahead and worry breaking up, if it happens then at least you have it ago, instead of wondering about it. I, personally, would rather give it try then not :-)

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