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Annual awkward moment

Ok well, I don't classify myself as "gay" but I am attracted to guys... anyway. Here's the problem, last school year my freshman year of high school there was this boy who was the most popular, and beautifulist boys ever. He always seemed like he was gay, I would always look at him and he would look back at me and smile, he did seem a bit confused or deep in thought. But one day on Facebook during the cold winter break I was tired of wondering and I finally asked him if he was gay. He replied "No are u?" I was freaking out that he asked me! I told him no just because it would be really awkward if I said yes. So like 2 days later I sent a message about math class and he replied "dude your getting annoying! " I was so scared I didn't know what to do. He went on to say "you send me messages everyday!" (Not true) "ARE YOU GAY!?" My mind flipped I was in a star of total paranoia I didn't know what to do! We started yelling at each other on Facebook back and forth. I later (5 dates later) I sent an apology message so I wouldn't feel. so awkward when I saw him in class. Then he apologized for the things he said. Well I felt weird for the remaining 6 months of school because I had to see him every day. (My problem) This school year the same guy is in my first hour! Its crazy! He's like kind of talking to me, like I bumped into him on accident and I didn't see who it was until I looked up, he said "its fine" smiled and kept walking. He even lets me go in front of him in lines he says "go ahead buddy" and other things like that. Idk if me and him are cool r what? What do you think about this whole situation? ?

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