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Emotional abuse?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been affected by my fathers attitude towards me. He’s asked me to do simple habits, such as: Close the door after a shower, put the glasses outside of your room, etc. Which can be reasonable requests at times. However, his reaction when I forget (I’m at a certain level of Dyslexia which means I’m liable to get easily distracted/lose focus), is that if anger and shouting- saying that I’m not normal, that I’m lazy and so on. My dream career is Drama; I’ve got a knack for it! I’m hopefully going to attend a uni so that I may become a drama teacher. Nonetheless, he finds a way to knock me down, to say that I’m not good, to say that I’m no different to the rest. He may be right, he may not be- but what right, as a father does he have, to put me down so heavily? It’s worth adding that I’m adopted, and have been for 12 years, and I have a special needs twin whom he loves dearly and does everything for- which is great! I want my twin to be supported! Yet, when I confronted him about how I felt he was biased against me and that he hadn’t treated me fairly and as a father? He laughed mockingly and pushed the situation onto me- saying that I was the one who was useless, not helpful and lazy. I think it’s emotional abuse but he denies that he’s ever done anything wrong and says it’s all in my head- he’s used the same technique with my mum. She’s certain it’s abuse and I want to take Legal action as he won’t leave the house and me and my mum feel unsafe/scared but we’re too on edge to confront him. Help?

Emotional abuse?

It's not worth being with someone like that. Take out a loan and move out, everyone has debt, it's okay. He sounds like a bully, my family talks like that to me too, so I know how you feel. What I do is think: 2 more years left of my degree then I have freedom and I'll have money to live the life I want to. If ur going to uni, rent an apartment or live on rez, itll be worth it. Bring your mom too.

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