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Advice - Family / Parents

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Hey...,I’m 21 years old and just want to vent if anyone cares to listen... I’m the 2nd oldest of 6 kids (my parents have newborn twins - crazy right?)

... anyway, something came up that set my mom off and got her upset this past weekend and it had to do with something a long time ago apparently... sounded like my dad might have cheated on my mom... I wanted to confront the situation but I don’t know how... it’s been bothering me ever since and I haven’t talked to friends or anyone about it...

Anyone have an idea of how to approach getting an answer?

Advice - Family / Parents

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I do understand why you would want to confront this situation and why you would want the answers. I've kind of been in a similar situation myself, it's not nice having no idea what's going on but I'd let them discuss it just for the moment, if this has only just happened.

If your dad has cheated in the past, then it's obvs going to be a shock and upsetting for your mum. She's going to be hurt.

Keep an eye on your mum, and help her out with younger if you can. You can always encourage her to talk to you but don't push her.

If you have found out anything else then let us know...

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