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Delusional or worth a go?

Hello all, Thank you all for being here. Any help is appreciated. I have known this girl since the age of 9. We are currently 23. She was my first crush and I was hers. Through the years there has always been at least a little something and we "dated" in 8th grade. Went to some dances through out high school and have remained friends overall. Even if it had been a good amount of time we would always pick right back up where we left off. I moved away from my home town 3 years ago. Since then this girl and I haven't spoken much besides occasionally messaging each other. We talk about if I visit she would love to hang out. I am now considering moving back to my home town to get my masters. And more importantly I really want to try and start something with her for real. We always had such fun together even as friends. But so mucb time has past and I don't know if it's remotely logical to even try. Which is why I'm here. There is a story as to why I decided that I was interested in doing this if that would help for context as well. But for now I'll just leave it at this. Thank you!

Delusional or worth a go?

Hey, No I don't think it's delusional. You can tell you have a real friendship with someone when you haven't seen them for ages, for whatever reason, and then when you meet up again , things are the same as they were before and you can pick up from where you left off. I've learnt that with a couple friends who have gone off to uni. It sounds like you both have always liked each other a little more then friends. Maybe the timing wasn't right when you were younger, maybe the time is now as adults? You can always let her know by messaging her you're thinking about moving back to your home town and you'd like to hang out more with her if you do. her reaction will give you some idea in how she feels. Then take it from there. If you could expand and tell us the story, that would be helpful, gives us more to go on :-).

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