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Is it really essential for a wedding?

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I have a big family and so does my fiance we have invited 148 people to the wedding mostly all my family and only 7 invitations out his family. My mother told me that my fiance who is paying for the wedding has hogged all the invitations. My family is upset with the fact that not everyone was invited, but the budget is the budget. I pitched in to help with food and drinks but 148 is wat we can afford. My mother is worried about people and what they say i just want to enjoy our wedding and planning. However, everytime a desicion is made im told my fiance us contrilling me and his family is calling the shots when they are not its me and my fiance planning the wedding. Any thoughts???? My mother does not want to see me due to rumors and people comments upset about not getting invited.

Is it really essential for a wedding?

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It's your decision and more so when your fiancé is paying and youre contributing where you can.

Ugh, dunno what it is with weddings but I think some people, with certain personalities, think they can suddenly make demands and start to dictate.

I learnt this from watching my cousin get married, his now wifes mum was appreantly a nightmare. I only heard stories of how they were treated and on the day it was obvious they were stilll stressed.


He has only 7 members of his family coming, what does your mum want? None of his family to go so all of her family can ? Does she think your side family is more important? (Sorry just asking so I can understand).

shes doesn't need to worry about what other people think or say but those are her worries and don't think she should be passing that to you. If she's ignoring you then that's pretty childish and unfair.

Don't let her make you believe your fiancé is controlling you. There m I think some of your family members are the controlling ones (sorry).

Not too sure what to advise...I think it's something you either ignore or just repeat to her each time it's your decision and it's not going to change.

Is it really essential for a wedding?

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Oh - you and your future husband should not start your marriage under such stress! You and him plan this event. Period. Are you strong enough to place limits on her involvement?

Anyone can host a party for the newlyweds afterwards, if they’d like to. So all those people who your mum thinks should celebrate can be invited to another party - hosted and paid for by her sometime later.

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