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What should I do?

Hi everyone. I was in a relationship for 1 year and a half and broke up last month, the reason we broke up was because he became very distant, ignoring me and didn't bother coming to see me anymore. During our relationship we lacked communication and being our first serious relationship for both of us that's a big mistake we made and we both owned up to it. After we broke up he then told me that it was because he didn't want us to be together anymore because he had been hurt so many times during the relationship (idk what hurt him) and I didn't show much affection so it seemed like I didnt like him (which is something i'm willing to change) and he distanced himself but was the wrong way of going about it and apologised for doing it. After we broke up I messaged him asking if we could just sort things out and he said that there is nothing to sort out after the things I told him whilst breaking up with him, we also spoke a bit more to get a bit of closure and he said that we were just taking time to grow as we both have things to improve on and that was it. We never spoke again after that and it's been a month, I just want to know if I should message him and ask if there is any chances that we'll get back together as I don't want to be waiting for someone that might not want to be with me again as him telling me that we are taking time to grow was not good closure for me because I don't know where we stand. What would be the best to do, just leave it and not talk again or should I ask and see where we go from there? Thank you

What should I do?

It’s been a full month. He has not made effort to contact you. Text him - but not about getting back together - but instead to ask how he’s been. You will know quickly if there is interest in hearing from you again. But really, don’t plan on getting back together. A month is a very long time to not respond.

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