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Problems with myself keep piling up, and might need help sorting things out

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Emotional advice Last 3 or so years have been emotion full. Joy, confusion and anger for most. My grades are falling. My anger has increased to that point i drink more than ever and use drugs(smoke green lady aka mariuana) to relax and not just beat someone up from anger.

Problems started when i finished my school. My brother(now 17 i guess) me 18 rn. We drank. My friend had this girl. She now is 20. So my brother fucked her. She had boyfriend, visited one fuckboy and fucked another. Next year. My brother finishes school. They go to tent. I go with vodka too. They kick me brutaly out. So im outside, in middle in night. Hearing how they both fuck and cheat on EACH OTHER gf/bf. And drinking heavily.

Right now. I am far away from home. Another school. My brother(the fucking fuckboy) comes too. Gets new gf. Still fucks sometimes that sl*t from 2 years ago. I sometimes check he's phone while he sleeps. I have taken pictures of everything. I have all evidence about him cheating and lying to everyone around and talking s*it about me.

So here is where i ask for opinion and help.
what do i do? How do i cope with bad people around me? Why people just freely think they can cheat on someone?
How do i show my brother theharsh truth about cheating(making him pay for it)?

Im now so confused about myself. Part wants to run from country, start from scratch. Part wants to make him pay for everything(not only him. That b*tch too).pa t wants to endmyself to not get corrupted by all of it myself.

I can't get myself gf too. Im not too good looking, charming and i usualy do not lie. I have some self respect but i lack self awareness and i pitty myself about what i am.

I just need quick or long. Info what to do with this situation and how could i never be like my brother. My motto: "life sucks, then you die" and i agree completly

Problems with myself keep piling up, and might need help sorting things out

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your brother fucked her where you could see them fucking? why do you care if he is fucking two girls? if you don't get along with them don't associate yourself with them. why do want to be a stool pigeon and tell others about their affair? them cheating has nothing to do with you.

you should mind your own business and find new friends that you are more comfortable with and ignore their activities.

Problems with myself keep piling up, and might need help sorting things out

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Yeah you can't control what other people do but you can shut them out if you realise they are not good for you to be around or causing you to be angry by how they behave towards you and others. Put yourself around positive people.

The only person you are in control of is you and your feeling . Drinking and drugs aren't going to help you with having a positive out look either. Counselling would really help you with all of this.

Then once your clear, you can guide/ advise your brother but there is no point in being aggressive or 'making him pay for it' because that won't help.

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