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My boyfriend’s family is tearing me apart

My boyfriend is from Africa (like literally moved to the US a year and a half ago). Therefor, he’s still deeply involved with the African culture and his family (mom, sisters) whom also live in the US. Ever since we started dating, his mom and sister have had nothing but bad things to say about me. They CONSTANTLY have a problem with something involving me. I try extremely hard to live up to their expectations, but never feel like I will. I love my boyfriend very much, but this is starting to really hurt my feelings and self esteem.

My boyfriend’s family is tearing me apart

And it will continue to hurt your self esteem. I understand you very much. My boy friend is from India. His family still lives there. They are open and welcoming to me. But they have big expectations of him as he is the only boy in the family. So he is now putting that pressure on me to do as an Indian woman would do. You should really talk to your boyfriend about it though. Express your feelings to him and see what he says. For me, I always feel like his parents matter most and that he will drop me so quick if they said so. But African culture may be different. Really have a talk with him.

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