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Help needed

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on Sep 30 2018 at 22:41
Member since: 15 September 2018
Relationship advice Hello

Is anyone awake that I could chat too please

Help needed

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on Oct 1 2018 at 06:30
Member since: 20 August 2015
Hello, Claire.

The threads don't really work this way, instead try to tell us a little about your problem and people will try their best to respond. Once the situation is established, then maybe you can get some back-and-forth going with the people who are giving you feedback.

Otherwise, did you give the chatroom a try? I don't really like how it works, but it's an option if you want to try to get some help in real-time. I'd recommend finding a person in the chatroom who is willing to do a one-on-one chat outside of the main room, since you can focus better.

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