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Relationship breakdown after abortion

Hi, my gf got pregnant and 4 weeks ago had an abortion.. we didn’t communicate properly and I said I didn’t want a baby in shock but days after I wanted her to keep the baby but didn’t say anything as I thought she wanted an abortion as she agreed when I said. Since the abortion she says she feels nothing for me anymore and doesn’t love me, she also said she’s feels guilty and hurt which I understand and I’ve told her o feel the same... she now knows I wanted to keep the baby but since has blocked me and stoped talking but is sending a few txts but it’s like we friends she’s having a laugh and I’m just hurt because I want to be with her! I love her so much and I want a family with her now or the future but she says she’s sees nothing regarding the future with me and needs to focus on herself. I want to support her but she doesn’t want me there and won’t even talk on the phone. Please help with advice as she really is the one I want to grow old with and have a family and I need her to see the good times and that we can get it back and have a family one day.

Relationship breakdown after abortion

There was improper communication BEFORE this happened, so what makes you feel this can be sirted out now? Get some counseling for both of you - together, so you both can move thru this.

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