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Gay work colleague outing me to everyone else

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LGBT advice As a discreet gay guy at work (I am not discreet outside of work) I recently chatted briefly on Grindr with a guy at my workplace. Now, it was just chat, not "chatting up" or anything, but seeing as I don't usually speak to him anyway (it's a large workplace) it could be seen as a bit weird I guess.

Anyway, the chat was pretty cordial, and he was surprised that I was gay. He even said things like "youre attractive" etc., although I don't think in a flirty way.

However, literally the next day at work, everybody now seems to think I am a gay guy in the closet. All of his closest friends look at me funny (not sure I even care tbh) and someone even made a silly comment today that sort of upset me.

I guess I was played for a fool by the gay guy on Grindr and now he is telling everybody, so now I cannot be discreet about my sexuality. This makes me furious tbh, and I am very angry.

I want to know what to do next - has he actually broken any generalised rules about revealing my sexuality to other people?

Gay work colleague outing me to everyone else

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Well, this can happen when talking on Grindr with a work colleague. If you wanted to be discreet, that wasn’t the tactic to use.

You don’t have anything to apolgize for. Remember, he was online, too. So he revealed himself as a gossip and can’t be trusted. Rveryone at work knows that.

Time will diminish all this talk at work. (People will move on to other gossip/interests)

Find another dating group and move on - discreetly.

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