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Is this a bad idea for me to approach her with?

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Relationship advice Me & this girl have been talking for a month. She’s 25 and I’m 27. We’ve had a lot of fun so far & have been pretty intimate but were still in the talking phase. But in the last 2 days we’ve had these little disputes. We had one on friday, made up early saturday then she got upset about something later on in the same day & said she needed space around 6:30pm. I sent her 2 texts shortly after that saying I understood that she needed space & to text me when she’s ready but to be honest I’m really stressing out cause any other time she’s needed space it’s only been a few hours but this time around it’s almost been a full day.

She went to a party last night, still hasn’t said anything to me. We have a mutal friend & she’s responded to their texts but not mine. Right before she said she needed space she did tell me she’s been feeling really overwhelmed with work and missing her family who all live out of state. I’m trying my best to clear my mind but I can’t. I want to call her & ask if I can stop by for a second so we can talk but I already know that’s a bad idea and everyone would advise against it.

And it’s only on my mind because we’ve been able to make amends best by talking in person and not over text. I would never show up unannounced as that’s just creepy. I’m nervous maybe she did something with a guy last night but I can’t say forsure & it’s most likely just my paranoia. I really enjoy spending time with this girl & like her a lot but right now it’s really hard to be completely ignored. And anytime this has happened in the past with other girls, they eventually just cut me off even when I was giving them space. If she’s having second thoughts Id just want closure as of now. I can deal with the aftermath but being stuck currently in this “I don’t know what’s going on or what she’s thinking” really is stressing me out.

Is this a bad idea for me to approach her with?

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Don’t worry about what she SAYS- watch what she DOES. She has put up rosdblicks against this relationship getting to br anything more. She is playing push/pul with you.

Is this her character? She seems to be playing yo-yo with you.

Or did you mis- read what is really going on? Did you mive too fast?

Step back. Let her make the next move. Don’t be too anxious to meet her needs. Like I said: watch her actions more than what she says.

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