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Boomerang son - just keeps coming back

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on Oct 8 2018 at 22:47
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Relationship advice My wife and I have a son that is involved in a problematic marriage. Every few months for the past several years (he's been married about 10 years) his wife decides to kick him out. He comes and lives with us a few weeks or months and then she asks him to come back. At times on our exhortation he will go to counseling a few sessions and then quits. Both have been in counseling together but only short-term. My wife and I are in our mid-60s. She thinks we should continue allowing this but I feel that this cannot continue. Can you help?

Boomerang son - just keeps coming back

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on Oct 9 2018 at 03:44
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She does him no good by sheltering him from his storms. And nothing is going to change if you and your wife don’t stop participating in this merry go round.

Insist that you and your wife go into counseling to learn the healthy way of dealing with this situation.

Do it now.

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