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Don't know what to do

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Relationship advice I am in high school and I just started dating this guy about a week ago. I thought I liked him, so I said yes when he asked me out. He is really sweet and always texts me the nicest things but I realized that I don't like him as a boyfriend. I just want to focus on school and my future right now. I don't want to date him anymore, but he always talks about how he's so lucky to have me and how happy he is now. I am afraid that I could really hurt his feelings if we break up, but I don't want this relationship to be anything more than just friends. I can't stay with him but I need a nice way to end things before things get serious and without hurting him. Any advice would be very helpful, thanks.

Don't know what to do

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Wow- after one date? He got so serious?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with clearly stating your boundaries with this guy. In fact, you must be able to do that for the future.

Never let any man define your relationship!

Tell him exactly what you have written here: you enjoyed the date and want to keep things casual because you have studies, etc to concentrate on. So he can count on being friends, but nothing more.

Don’t worry about his feelings. They can’t come before your feelings.

In the future, make sure your actions match your commitment to not get serious. That means not to lead any guy on or do or say things in order to just be “going” with someone.

You are in charge.

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