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Brits rate stamina in the sack as the most important factor when it comes to sex

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In a survey carried out by nearly 40,000 people from 17 countries around the world including the UK, discovered that Brits are all about length and repetition, with 38% of us rating ‘lovemaking stamina’ and ‘regular sex’ (20%) as the most important things to us when we’re between the sheets. British women also like to be on top when it comes to being adventurous, with 61% finding the idea of buying sex toys arousing. It seems though, that if we really want to experience championship stamina, we should be turning to our European neighbours. The Spanish are like bulls to a red rag and, on average, have sex 5 times a week, as opposed to the average 4 a week of the British. Verses our American counterparts, who like to play it safe in the bedroom rating ‘safety and protection’ (36%) the most important thing to them, rather alarmingly only 6% of the British voted for this when questioned. And whereas a staggering 50% of the Latin loving Brazilians voted physical contact, kissing and hugging as the most important factor, this is also further down our list (14%), as is being experimental (10%), perhaps in keeping with our more ‘reserved’ reputation. We are also fairly unenthused by the language of love it seems, with only 12% of us voting for talking to one another during love making as important, compared to the huge 37% of Indians, for whom this is the most important., part of Cupid plc; a leading provider of online dating services, has been able to explore international sex trends since becoming an international dating website earlier this year. Currently has presence in 17 countries around the globe.

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