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A friend that walked away

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Relationship advice So basically in December 2016 this co-worker who i consider a friend left as her other job was getting more demanding (she is a finical l consultant)
so the back story to this .

we both worked in retail (i still do) I would work with her on Saturdays (she only worked Saturdays) since 2014. we got on really well. would talk for 2 hours non stop while at wok. I really like her and though I was in with a chance but i waited for another 5 months before I let my feeling know. which was not in the best manner. I said " ohh dont be angry I like you " she looked shocked and carried on working. a few moments later I asked her what she thought she said " I dont know . your a friend " I was like dam. I told her.its ok lets forget about all this. its cool . she knew i was really upset. My shift finished i went home heartbroken. a few months prior to this I really thought i was in with her . my friends whom I told them about this felt I had good chance.

also My friend who has her on instagram showed me her profile pic that she had changed that night. it was a picture of her looking sad (sadface selfie) I did not know what to make of it nor did i ask her about it. .

1-2 weeks were awaked but after that we got back to normal ways, we never brought up that incident. we would talk about each other family matter, she told me stuff about her job and her cousins wedding etc. a times we would have great long chats. I would help her out whenever I could at work. she told me a few weeks prior she was handing in her notice . I was upset and lost for words. she told me dont worry you will still see me i will come in shopping etc. When she did hand in her notice she apologised to me . her final shift was on Saturday 3rd December . I remember working the final hour of her shift with her and not wanting it to end. " I am really sad to see you leave dont be a stranger" she replied by saying. ohh dont be silly you will still see me. I will come next Saturday to vist you " she did not . I did see her 6 weeks later on. she has chat about xmas and how work was like etc. I then saw her 12 weeks later. she was really happy to see me , we had good chat. But it also felt bittersweet, i was happy to see her but sad that i dont see her on regular basics . In total since she left I have seen her 7 times. Last time I saw her was back in April 2018. She did seem different. she told me that she has almost finished her accountancy exams and that she has gained a promotion at work. I have always told her dont leave it to long to see me . But now its been 6 months since I last saw her. she has been in the store shopping but now when I have been in.

I know most people will say ohh just move on , forget it.etc. which i know. but It sill bugs me on how she has just forgotten about me after our long personal chats at work. why has she changed this year ? has her promotion at work changed her? what would you do if you were in her shoes? could you just forget about someone who clearly was sad to see you leave and misses you?

A friend that walked away

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Hey Wolves,

Well I think the title of this topic is already a clear indicator of the circumstances - this woman was a friend, plain and simple.

I think you had a crush on someone who was just a work friend. I think this person valued your friendship as a co-worker, and that's that. I get the impression that basically, most of your long chats were friendly small-talk.

And it's probably not only sad for her to hurt your feelings by saying she's disinterested, but it's also complicated for her because you complicated your friendship with her by showing interest.

It's alright, you gave things a shot and she wasn't interested in you in that way. We've all been there. The important thing now is that you move on from it and view her as nothing more than a friend. And apparently a somewhat distant one.

I think if you were to put yourself in her shoes, you would find that her life is pretty busy and she has big goals for herself. She is a financial consultant. She never intended to stay in retail, and to her that was probably just a temporary thing. She was just being friendly.

There are other women out there, the important thing is to find someone who you connect with on a similar sense of humor, personality and lifestyle.

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