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Year in marriage

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S-e-x advice Hello!
I`ve been married for year now and something is really wrong.
After we got married, something changed in our relationship and especially in our sex life.
I mean when i see good looking guy or have dreams about them, i know i want sex and it`s not like i don`t want it at all.
But when my husband touches me or wants sex, i`m pushing him away. I can`t imagine me having sex with him anymore.
I want it, i dream about it and imagine all the kissing and touching but when it comes to my husband - it`s like i`m the coldest woman on earth.
And obviously he`s getting stressed about it too, since it`s already been three month without sex or kissing.
Sure i`ve tried: show no emotion, just bite in your tongue and do it, but it`s humiliating and since i don`t get excited - it`s painful.
So i`m worried: what to do? how to fix it? will i ever want my husband again?
What`s wrong with me?
I mean, i`m not getting any younger and spending my life in this reality, is really challenging.
Because i want love, kisses, touches, and i`m with someone i can`t imagine doing it with.
If a good looking guy from work would sweep me off the feat, i think i might even cheat, but that`s not what i want.
In the beginning we were like bunnies, but now.. I don`t know, so i`m asking for advice.

Year in marriage

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After a year married, reality sets in, huh? So those litte “irritations” he had while dating now become huge in the home.

(You don’t say if you lived together before marriage.)

In any case, let him be human. Try to remember what it was that made you fall in love - besides the sex.

Do you ever even LIKE him?

Year in marriage

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Well to me I can see you still love him because if you don't love him you won't be here sharing this kinda problem here and to my own point of view you get attracted to stranger than your husband and I think maybe your husband has any perticular smell maybe the smell or oddour irritate you maybe.

Because the one I see is a friend same story and I refer her to someone and the person I refer her to sent her some meds and a perfume and he got attracted to his husband next day his husband started using the meds and the perfume. They have a good life now. If you don't mind you can get back to me to refer you as well and I hope it work for you as well.

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