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Do I peruse or is it the end of the beginning?

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So, I met a guy few weeks back and we got chatting, talking about the future, being in a relationship etc. Everything was going great until it wasnt. We started out fine, talking etc but after a few weeks he distanced himself from me.

I asked him what was wrong and he basically said he still fancies me but couldn't see a connection, and felt that he couldn't tell me how he really felt, wasn't what he had hoped for the outcome when we first met. Which is fair enough. I left him to it, we was doing great as friends.

Recently, as we also work together, it's like he is flirting with me again but isn't in a way. I've told him I liked him with a beard in the past, then comes in with one for weeks. As soon as I say he needed a shave he comes in without one. I know it's stupid but is there still something there ? I still like him a lot. He knows I do aswell. It's the silly things I don't know if he's just being friendly or not.

The other week, he brought me a tube of sweets in as he had thrown what I left in his house out. Called it an IOU. Play fights with me in the staff room. One week he went all week we was on shift together going out his way to speak to me on his breaks. Never done this before. The other day he texts me all flirty, I didn't respond as I thought he was texting someone else and just text me by mistake.

I don't if it's me that's hoping that he is still interested or if he is. I don't want to sound to pushy if I say anything to him and ruin what we have.

I have tried the 'going out on a day's trick, and he wanted to know how it went etc. I couldn't go with it and told him I didn't go, wasn't interested. He wanted to know why, did I fancy him etc.

I need help?! I really do like this guy, I have tried to see if he likes me too. But I don't know what to think, are we just friends or is he interested again?!

Do I peruse or is it the end of the beginning?

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I think he likes you but only as a friend. Since you have already been together and he knows that you would be willing to start again, I imagine it wouldn't be so hard for him to make THE move. The many examples you have listed here are either acts of kindness or he is playing you.

Ask him what all this is or if you have a future together.

Best wishes.

Do I peruse or is it the end of the beginning?

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Maybe he’s reconsidering that “connection” he talked about.

Do you think he has changed his mind about you?

Are you going to allow him to change his mind about you?

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