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Please help! I need advice on my cheating boyfriend

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Relationship advice Hello,
I’m 21 years old and my bf is 28. My boyfriend is seeking attention and very needy person. We met in June and started being together after one month. He told me he dumped his ex and he is not gonna meet with him anymore. But 2 weeks later I found out that he was seeing his ex everyday when I was away and sometimes even on the same day when I was coming to town. I forgive him for cheating. He attempted to cheat with someone else and I found out about this too. He get an offer from work to go to US for 3 months. So we dicided that we gonna be in long distance relationship. Before he left to US he told me that he wanna meet with his ex and finish with him completely and say goodbye and I agreed for that but only in two conditions, that he will meet him in public and not in the town that his ex lives, he agreed for that and then I told him that I want him to share location to me when he meet with him so I can be sure that he is not lying. He met with him on the sec day without telling me that he is gonna meet with him (because he didn’t want to make me stress and nervous). And then I found out that he went to his house and they slept together.
He moved to US to work for 3 months and I visited him 3 weeks ago, When I came I told him that we can’t have sex without condom unless he get checked, he told me that He already checked himself, so he actually told me that he cheated on me, again. He said that he’s clear. On the next day I found drugs to kill STD bacteria in the bin, he said that the person he slept with with gave him STD but he is clear now. He previously infected me with gonorrhoea on the first time we had sex, he said that he didn’t know that he was infected and that he only slept with his ex. I came back from him 2 days ago and I found out that he is on Grindr. I had an argument on the phone with him yesterday, but he said that he deleted and he’s not gonna cheat but I don’t trust him.
I love him so much. He’s saying that he love me too, but looks like he can’t keep his dick in his pants.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
Is he sick? Is he a psychopath? Does he need professional help? How to be with this kind of person? How to help him?
Do I need help, because I believe that I can help him somehow and our relationship can be normal? What should I do?
Ps. Sorry for my English, I’m still learning :)

Please help! I need advice on my cheating boyfriend

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Unfortunately, you don't have a boyfriend. I'm sorry you got your heart involved with someone so immature, selfish, and manipulative. You deserve better. Love is not enough to make a relationship work. It takes commitment, among many other things. This guy is obviously unable to commit. Which would be fine if he stayed single. You clearly want and need commitment. He's made it very clear that you won't ever get that from him, unfortunately.

Sometimes, all you can do is take the lessons and move on. But if you think he'll change, you're only signing up for more heartache.

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