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My mom found my condoms

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S-e-x advice hey
i'm almost 19yo and i have a muslim mom
today she walked in my room with an angry expression and told me that she found condoms in my drawer so i got a little confused and didn't know what to answer
i just said that i didn't want to talk about that with her
she was clearly frisking my stuff and i didn't like that
i think that some things are just personal and that privacy matters
well.. i was hoping that if one day they found out about this kind of stuff, my parent would be happy that i use protection but instead she don't even wanna talk with me now
what should i do ?

My mom found my condoms

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Your mother probably holds the thought that sex is sacred, to be between married persons.

So finding condoms may be because she fears you are casual about having sex.

What does having condoms mean to you?

My mom found my condoms

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Oops . I found my sons but didn’t say anything to him . I was glad he was being careful but I think because you are Muslim there are perhaps stricter rules regarding sex before marriage . I would probably jist let time oasss and maybe keep them somewhere more discreet . Also We mums don’t like to think of our kids having sex but don’t overthink it .

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