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I can't make friends in a new country

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Other advice Hi, my name is Zach and I am 15. I moved to Germany a maybe year ago. When I moved here it was like August so school was coming. When I got to school, I tried to make friends but nobody wanted to be friends with me. I am very quiet person, like when somebody asks me something I sometimes refuse to answer, I don't know what is happening to me. I am not leaving the house but that's only because I have problems and I don't want to go anywhere. I am always chatting to my friends on the internet so I am always on a computer or on a phone...

The main problem is that I can't make friends, and I am a very quiet person... I don't know how to fix that so do you have any suggestions?

Thank you, Zach

I can't make friends in a new country

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Sorry, Zach, but nothing's going to happen unless you decide to put down your phone and stop texting to OLD friends (and re-living the past) - and get out there where there are people who would like to talk to you. And you must respond back!

Make it a goal to at least TALK to one new person each day. Even if it's at a food store or school.

If you feel you might be getting agoraphobia (look it up) then get some help. Are you eating and sleeping OK? How much time are you on the computer or texting?

This isolation is troubling and you don't seem like you want things to go on like this (good start!)

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