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Relationship issues

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Soo I broke up with my EX a month ago, and I thought I wanted someone else. I started dating another guy, and I keep having these feelings of regret and I miss my ex so much :( I told this new dude that I feel like it’s unfair to be with him while I still have feelings for my ex.
He said he’d wait for me? But I know I have to make the decision of choosing one. I text them both daily n they know about the situation, cause I’m trying to be honest about everything.
I think I want to get back with my Ex but I really do genuinely like this new guy and I wanted to try it out. But I’m not sure. Me and my ex dated for 2 years. I’m really torn on what to do because I don’t want to hurt anyone and i know it’s inevitable

Relationship issues

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Breaking up with someone and going into a new relationship was probably too soon and you needed some time to your self for a while to get over your other relationship.
Or do you feel like you shouldn't of broken up with your bf in the first place?
Take some time to be by yourself.

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