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Are the signs there that I might be heading to divorce?

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So my wife and our families that not seen eye to eye single our marrige about 8 years ago. Both my wife and I had alot of resentment towards each others’ families that we could not even be in the same room. This lead to sessions of family therapy, which I feel helped me baucause I now being more accepting of my inlaws. My wife however I feel still has alot of anger and resentment towards my family and me. We often get into dissagreements brcause she feels i do t stand up to her when she feels my family is not inclusive with her in our gatherings. I however feel that her attitude and demeanor change as soon as she is around them. She often tells me afterwards what she feels my family did to her that was wrong. I have tried time after time to have her stand up for herself and bring her issues/feelings direclty to the person she feels did her wrong, instead of getting an asnswer from me. Should I be fighting her battles? Should I distance myself from my family because they dont like each other? Your thoughts!!

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