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How to save my relationship?

Two weeks ago we had a huge fight. I admit I am insecure. But this is the first time I lost control over me. I busted out. I am a libra woman and my boyfriend is Pisces. After knowing that I was wrong he acted brutally and now he is giving me silent treatment. Not picking my calls, not meeting me anymore. It’s killing me inside. I tried to talk. Did almost everything to get his forgiveness. But he is so cold. We were a happy couple, was planning to get married. But now I am feeling like loosing him. I don’t want this. I want him back. He is creating distance. What to do to get him back?

How to save my relationship?

hmmm, I had similar problems with girls that did the exact same thing. I'm a virgo guy and I did exactly what your bf is doing. my, advise is to let him collect his thoughts. In my option, he is trying to give you space to calm down so he can talk to. If I were you I would physically talk to him if you can. If you can't make him aware of your fears and tell him what's on your mind. mind you the both of you need to be in a calm state of mind and consider each other's feelings.

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