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We are both married!

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He leaves it to me if I want to continue seeing him or not. Ten years older then me and not in a happy relationship with his wife - he says that. He sees me as a gift to himself & he will not be upset if I stopped seeing him because he is not selfish & he is realistic - his words. I had problems with my marriage and he advices me to go for a couple theraphy to save my marriage. (separated for 2 years & stopped divorce at the last stage, during this time he supported me and we've got involved) He thinks he is depressed and when I ask why don't you see a professional he says I'm seeing you! What does he think of me? He can be hot/cold. If I don't text him he will text eventually and will ask me if there's a 3rd man involved? Then when he texts he expects me to reply, if I leave a day or two to reply he will text again! When I reply eventualy he will stop the text. Very intelligent man, is he playing mind games with me?

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