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Am I An Idiot To Be A Good Person Who Want To Help People?

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on Dec 20 2018 at 19:39
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Children & Young People advice I had always tried to be a good helpful person. I like the "thank you" come out from people's mouths. I even would sacrifice my own benefit to help others. I like to help people and been appreciated. However, society keeps showing me that I'm wrong. Some people don't appreciate your help at all. I usually feel like an idiot! And only I take stuff seriously and help others. Maybe in other people's eyes, I am an idiot? I don't know. I really don't know.... For example, today, our school had a gifting event. Each person was assigned to give a gift to another student they randomly selected. I spent 20 dollars to buy the gift for the person I need to give to. After I showed him the gift, he didn't show a single sign of appreciation. No one gave me a gift. People didn't even take this event seriously. Should I still be nice.....? I DON'T Know!!! I really feel like an idiot!!!
Am I an idiot to be a good person who want to help people?
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on Dec 22 2018 at 22:59
Member since: 22 December 2018
You can only find comfort in being nice when you expect nothing in return. Be nice to people for your own well-being. That’s my advice.
Am I an idiot to be a good person who want to help people?
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on Dec 23 2018 at 05:01
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Even the bible says to be discerning, so step back before plunging in to “help” someone else and figure out if it’s the healthy thing to do - for everyone.

Try not to go “overboard.”

It’s too bad that the gift exchange at school didn’t turn out for everyone. Perhaps you can meet with some students and try to figure out what happened.