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How to live a better life

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on Dec 22 2018 at 01:28
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Other advice I have a problem. I think I am living a loser life. I'm 25 years old and I still live my mother. I want to move out and get my own place but u can't because I don't have any money.

I also can't find a job to save my life. I recently had an interview for a dishwasher position at Olive Garden and I recently received an email saying they can't offer me a job at this time.

For the longest time I've been feeling hopeless because I have trouble at finding employment. I try to feel positive but I am having trouble remaining positive. I feel like a loser because I don't have a job, I never had a girlfriend before and I don't have my own place.

I want to be more independent and I just feel really hopeless. I also want to continue my education but I owe money so I can't return until I pay off the debt.

Every time I see people working I feel depressed because I wish I had a job. I don't feel like a man because I don't have any money or a job or my own place. I'm tired of never having money. I don't like how my life is heading and I just don't want to turn it around.

I don't want to live with my mother anymore and everyday I just feel helpless because I don't have a job or any money.

I want to live a better life than what I'm living. Lately I have been feeling crappy and helpless because I want a job and a car to become more independent and to accomplish the goals I want to accomplish like getting my own place.

Does anyone have any advice to give me on landing a job and becoming more independent? I really tired of feeling like a loser. I feel like everyone is moving up while I'm in the same situation. I'm 25 years old and I'm really scared of wasting my life away.

How to live a better life
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on Dec 25 2018 at 06:49
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Hi 1993,

I think the big thing is, you need to tackle these issues one at a time. Things don't all fall into place at once, you'll have to conquer them step-by-step. Small victories.

Finding a job seems to be the first step for now. I have always found that there's more jobs around than I think there are. Since you have no job pretty much anything where you can get your foot in the door and get some hours is a start.

I know the process of job hunting is not fun. I also know it is more agonizing when you have no job. You have to get past this and realize you will feel a little better when you've held another job for a bit.

While you're at it, don't worry so much about finding a girlfriend right this moment. Maybe that situation will even figure itself out once other things have fallen into place. And it will take you some money to get your own place, so set that as a long-term goal for now. Focus on the now.

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