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I know I should accept her explanation

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on Dec 29 2018 at 02:29
Member since: 29 December 2018
Other advice I know I should accept her explanation but I keep thinking about the original remark.  So please tell me how 2 accept her explanation.  If the original remark and explanation was said 2 u how would u handle the situation.

Here is the part I need help with.  My mom asked me did the PCP tell u what it could be from" I said "age" and she replied "maybe it is from the clothes" I told her "It is age" and she replied "oh age related, I thought you said AIDS related". She then retracted her statement about the clothes. Today I had 2 go 2 the cardiologist for an echo and out of the blue she said "I am only going 2 clarify one time I thought u said AIDS related and that is why I said what I said"

BACKGROUND: Starting in the latter part of 2015 I had minor attacks which consisted of shortness of breath and dizziness and rapid heartbeat and stomach pains. The attacks would come sporadically. In March 2016 I was diagnosed with a rare hernia in my colon and had emergency surgery. Attacks stopped until November 10, 2017 where I was hospitalized for 3 days in the cardio ward. Then 2 weeks later in the hospital again for 5 days and December 2017 back in the hospital. I finally found a cardiologist a month ago who diagnosed me with arrithymia. I had an attack December 18, 2018 and then yesterday. Last Wednesday December 19th I saw my cardiologist who took blood from me. The next day he called with the results it showed I was anemic and he wanted me 2 c my PCP. Saw my PCP yesterday, he took blood 2 c if I was low on iron. He called this morning with the results. He called 2 tell me I am not low on iron it could b my age or another reason that I am anemic.

I know I should accept her explanation
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on Jan 3 2019 at 06:27
Member since: 20 August 2015
Hi Summerwinter. Let me start by saying, it took me a moment to realize that PCP meant "Primary Care Physician".

So you have anemia. Your mom asked you why the Doctor said he thinks that might be. You told her, "because of age". She said, "...Maybe it's from the clothes..." You clarified and she said, "Oh, age! I thought you said AIDS..." And she reiterated that she said about the clothes because she thought you said AIDS.

So TL, DR: it sounds like either:

1. Your mom knows something about some clothes you wore once that could have potentially exposed you to AIDS?

2. Your mom thinks some hospital gown you may have worn could have exposed you to AIDS?

3. Your mom thinks you got AIDS because you wore clothing that was inappropriate and revealing, suggesting that it caused someone with AIDS to sleep with you and give you AIDS?


4. This is another case of "age" and "AIDS", and your mom said something that sounds similar to but is a completely different word that "clothes."

Maybe you were attacked by crows as a baby, and your mother worried you could have contracted AIDS that way for a split-second? Lol I don't know, but something less goofy than that I'm sure.

Considering your mother's need to apologize to you later on..... Maybe it actually was number 3, unfortunately? Has your mother been displeased with your behavior or the way you dress? Is she particularly traditional or religious?

Aside from that, sorry to hear about all you've been going through. At least it's not AIDS though, that is a relief!

I know I should accept her explanation
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on Jan 3 2019 at 10:19
Member since: 27 December 2013
People under stress often mis-hear things. I think that goes both ways between you two.

I hope someday you can laugh at how that exchange got so mixed up.

You sound like you have big health issues. Spend time on getting better by thinking positively.

(I have a friend who watches the Three Stooges when she needs a laugh. That makes her feel better)

Good luck snd get well.

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