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What to do I am not able to understand

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I am a 21 year old Indian girl. I am not married. There is a guy I was committed to he ditched me n we broke up. Then after 2years love came into my life he is damn serious for me and want to get married to me from the first day. We are together from past 1 year. I use to love him alot when he came into my life I use to treasure him as I never believed someone will be so serious for me. But as the time passed he started restricting me from doing many things I love. And now I am feeling like I don't love him anymore. From past one year I was loyal to him but at this point I am not because I starting dating someone else as if I wad too frustated from my boyfriend. But this new guy he knows everything, he don't love me the way my boyfriend love me. Like my boyfriend is damn serious for me and want to get married to me. But this new guy he love a girl from past 8 years and he only want to get married to her. He promised me that he will never think of getting married to me. It hurted me he also know. My boyfriend don't know about this guy. My boyfriend is ugly but rich and does not have the same sence of humor as I do. In my family caste matters and we does not belong with same caste. But this new guy is not that rich but he looks good and have the same sence of humor as I do and he is of my caste. His girlfriend is not of his caste.and belong to a wealthy family which is the reason why they can't get married. There are many things he told me about himself which his girlfriend don't even know. This new guy also said me that the day he will start feeling for me he will stop talking to me. He and me talk like whole night on the phone I never had so long conversations with my boyfriend at night in that whole 1 year. I don't know what should I do. Shall I stay with my boyfriend or shall I leave them both.

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