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Relationship depression

I came out of an eight year elationship bad relationship with a narcissist. I met lad but he used to be loving and caring when I first met him bid he is making me feel like everything I do is wrong and only comes to see me when he feels like it I struggle to be on my own and am so down

Relationship depression

Hey, When you come out of a relationship with a narc, you need to reconnect with your self. Your self confidence, self esteem is going to be low because of the manipulation you’ve been under. They start off being very nice and charming but they soon change. You may of spotted some red flags when you were with him but it’s easy to brush them aside. Taking some time to be single after any relationship is needed, but getting over a relationship with a narc takes longer because your likely to attract another narc. So take your time and be nice to your self and reading about it more will really help you in the future :-)

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