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A Guy Faked His Name, Life And Existence To Get Me In A Relationship

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on Dec 31 2018 at 20:43
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Long Distance Relationship advice Hi everyone, this is my first post here because i really needed some help. Okay so I started talking to a random guy, he was the one to text me first on social media. I never usually reply to random people but I did to him even though he didn't had a single picture of him there. We talked a lot, almost all the time and here is what happened

He said to me he has fallen in love with me and with the way I am. He knew my name, face from Instagram. I asked for his pictures and he sent me. I fell in love with him too because of the person he was with me. He used to send me pictures, tons of them too occasionally so did I.

It was around 6 months or so we talked, in the start we were friends but then we got into a very decent relationship, no sexting whatsoever because I hate it. Please note, we haven't met in person, just talk on calls, share pictures and texts.

So today he called me, and told me he lied to me about everything. He was using pictures of some random blogger and portrayed himself like he was that but not as a blogger but as a normal person. He said he doesn't have feelings for me, it was all a game for his personal reasons. I dont know what I could have done to deserve this shit.

Basically, the guy he represented himself to be, name, face, hobbies, adventures etc everything was fake, he was not real. Now I am so badly hurt because I actually fell in love with him. I don't know what to do....

A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
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on Jan 2 2019 at 06:24
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Hey Jennyveev,

Well that is pretty cruddy. Six months of talking and you have no idea how much of it might have been real, if any of it?

On the Internet people can lie and hide things. It's not always malicious. But many times it can be. You have to actually be able to hang out and see what your chemistry is like in person, because lots of new factors come into play.

Idk why he did it. I think people can give in to desperation sometimes, and try to convince themselves something can work when it's not what they want. Or maybe it was for a laugh, or to get information from you - maybe it was even someone who knew you from somewhere and found you on Instagram.

You know, I don't think online is the way to find love. Even dating sites are very difficult to have luck with. Sometimes there are lucky cases that work out, but there are many odds against you. You are better off trying to meet people out in public, or through friends.

Chalk this up as a learning experience. And try not to give too much of your energy to new people until you get to know them a bit better.

A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
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on Jan 2 2019 at 17:11
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Thank you for your words. They helped :)

I'm now thinking it was just a sick joke on his part and in this era, you re right that online isn't the way to find love. It's a lesson learnt well.

When I come to think of it, nothing on his part was real but I'm amazed he kept the game up for so long

A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
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on Jan 3 2019 at 11:05
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Wow - sounds like someone got caught by a wife or GF and had to end this charade. Sorry you became this pathological liar’s victim.

Lesson learned! Online meeting should be just that - an introductory time. Then in- person meeting must take place soon.

If you must use this way to meet someone, be sure they live close. No LDR - they don’t work for young people.

Again - sorry for your hurt. Your story is not uncommon, unfortunately.

A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
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on Jan 3 2019 at 11:09
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You bet lesson is learnt well!

Ironic thing happened, he just texted but he is not sorry ! He doesn't regret! I'm not replying to him though

You're right, in-person meeting should happen before getting into a relationship. But the sad thing is that it was real from my enemies despite LDR

Thank you for your words <3

A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
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on Jan 4 2019 at 11:26
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Hi- People think it can never happen to them, of course he's not sorry, lesson learned. If you can block this guy then do so. Remember he can repeat the game being someone else.