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Toxic friendship

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on Jan 11 2019 at 16:31
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Other advice I feel like I'm in a toxic friendship with my best friend. she has been acting jealous of me just because I get good grades. she always talks to me in a sarcastic manner and responds quite rudely. we were leaving class today and all of a sudden she just tells me to leave her alone and went to talk to someone else. she tries to make me isolate myself from my other friends just so that I can depend on her completely. I do help her a lot with homework and other stuff.Even after being there for her during tough times, she calls me derogatory terms if I accidentally forget to send her homework. she refuses to help me even once. Im trying to avoid talking to her as much as possible but she is like a leech trying to suck the peace out of my life. I honesty don't really care about friendships or love or whatever because I have other priorities but this bitch is on my every single nerve.i want to lash out at her but the problem is i have always been kind to everyone all my life. I know Im getting manipulated and I'm really confused on how to deal with her. plssssss help!
Toxic friendship
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on Jan 13 2019 at 13:09
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How is this person a “best friend”? She sounds like a demanding user.


Learn to say” I am not able to do that for you”

Answer her texts with “Not Available.”

You sound like you are getting angry and resentful. That’s no good for you or her. You have given in to her demands and she’s taken advantage of it. By giving in to her demands, you keep up this dysfunctional relationship.

Study up on “ co- dependency” You dont want to allow other people to take advantage of your talents and kindness.

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