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I'm depressed and I need help

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Emotional advice I'm sleepy but I can't sleep.

I'm hungry but dont have an appetite.

I'm crying but I dont know why.

I'm laughing but I'm not happy.

For a few months now, I have been experiencing these things and I dont really know whats happening to me.

For a moment I'm goofy and laughing but whenever I'm alone, I cry and feel really really sad.

I think I'm depressed but I dont know. I'm not sure.

I tried talking to my boyfriend and telling him about these things that I'm experiencing and he told me that he's here whenever I need him.

That made me feel relieved..

Because of that, I always told him whenever I felt down and useless and he'd try to comfort me.

I was starting to feel better.

But earlier we had a talk. It wasn't really a serious talk but it somehow led to that. To sum it up, It seemed like he was telling me that everything that I'm feeling was because of my own doing. That it was my fault.

I cried but brushed it off as a joke coz I realized that he didn't understood me. He never did.

He went home thinking that everything was okay. That I was okay.

When he left, I cried and I'm still crying as I'm typing this.

I thought he understood me.

I was stupid to expect that someone else could understand me.

I realized that the only person you can really trust is yourself but at the moment I cant really do that.

I dont know what to do..

Am I depressed?

I'm depressed and I need help

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Please get an medical evaluation asap and tell the Dr just what you have stated here.

Your boyfriend is not a Dr, psychologist/counselor, or psychiatrist. Don’t ask him to be in that role for you. The poor guy seems like he’s at wits end and grabbing at straws to figure out what’s going on. Not fair to him.

Take responsibility for your own health and get answers! Goid luck.

I'm depressed and I need help

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Hi! How is it going now? I can relate to you. I myself experienced such a ‘mood’. I applied to a doctor and he was happy to earn some money helping me to overcome that.
It was a huge stress in my case. Perhaps you have to detect what was really wrong. I had pretty along treatment and only one thought that was how to get pregnant for last 7 years. It’s not good for my health to be focusing so madly. I felt exhausted. As you said I was hungry but having a lunch I suffered from nausea. I felt knackered but couldn’t sleep at all whole night long. I was trying to make love with my partner but my thoughts led me away from passion. It ruins the life.
That is like a hard work without outcome. I agree you also have to call your doctor and describe everything. Hold on and I guess such things happen to everyone from time to time. the depression is a severe thing. It needs to be treated. First of all, think about yourself. Try to find any support around and aim to leave this condition. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

I'm depressed and I need help

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I'm thinking you need somebody to talk to, somebody you can trust, somebody who will listen to you so you can let everything out. Trust me I go through problems every once in a while and I just NEED to let everything out, it's hard to find someone who will listen to you but once you do, trust me, the feeling is like lifting anchors of your shoulders! If you are not comfortable talking with anyone, the least you could do is write your feelings down in a journal, just write it all out however colorful you want and hopefully it will make things a little better. I hope my advice is alright, I just want to help you out.

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