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In love with best friend while being married to hubby

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My hubby and i have been married for the last 15 years together for 25,Recently he has been verbally abusive to me.Im feeling as though im not in love with him anymore.But i do care about him ive asked if he would go to counseling with me.Thats a plain no then he acts like its a joke.Personally im tired of it all on the other hand i have a best friend ive fallen back in love with ive known him for years. he doesnt call alot or come over too often but when he does he makes me laugh and smile thru the years he has done soooo much for me.We always hung around when we were younger and i love his family and they me,Not to long ago his mom told me he was in Love with me and i didnt know what to think.I told her he should tell me then recently he said to me you know i dont have nobody He i dont believe has really ever had a girlfriend but he is a great guy and i do Love him.he shows me in suttle ways that he feels something for me like touching my face,Bringing me a big bouquet of beautiful roses.Im conflicted i know its wrong to feel this do to me being married so what do i do?

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