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She's always gawping / staring

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Violence & Crime advice I get accused of gawping whichever way I look literally if I look down or to the side that's apparently gawping there's not one position I can look in and not be accused of gawping even looking where your going or when you cross the road is apparently gawping they won't leave me alone and I cannot afford to move yet I was outside my local co-op and a lady said to me if you want us to stop asking you what your looking at you've got to move
I go out for the day and get comments like that's her that my cousin described to me
They accuse me of being a grass because I reported bullying years ago at schools
What should I do

She's always gawping / staring

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How many people are accusing you of gawking or staring at them? Is it one person or do you hear this from many people?

Being stared at makes people feel uncomfortable.

You may have to Discipline yourself to not spend too much time looking at other people. Wear headphones with music to help you move to another space.

Are you in counseling right now? Finding someone to talk to might also help.

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