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Husband doesn’t support! Divorce or peace – no more options

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Hi all! I’m completely devastated now. I’m afraid it can affect my story. Hope it’ll be enough understandable and not boring. The thing is that I’m infertile. I’m suffering from severe endometriosis since I was 25. Now I’m 34 having a husband. I’d like to say my Dear husband but not now. I’m so angry with him.
It’s a total misunderstanding. The rules of game proved that IVF treatment isn’t efficient in my case. My pregnancy stops during the first week after confirmation. 6 rounds of my past treatment showed us well that it was useless.
You know what it can bring to woman’s life. It’s a full disappointment, pain and loss of faith. I’m frustrated absolutely more than ever.
We already spent a lot of years in trying to conceive and what? My husband suggests to give up. We began discussing a possibility of adoption. I can’t believe he knew well what I thought on that.
We could try surrogacy for example, why not? Hundreds of people do it without any fear and consequences. It’s a desperation between us. I said it would be very good to try a new experience and continue our struggle.
He always seemed like the one who wants to become parent. I am not so sure now looking at him. His desire vanished without trace.
His argument is that it’s too expensive and we can’t afford surrogacy at least next 3 years. It was quite a reasonable statement but I know he knows where to find money.
Besides that, surrogacy costs less in Ukraine and Georgia. We don’t speak to each other for the last 8 days.
I need his support and trust. We can do it only now while we’re pretty young for that. Guys! How to draw his attention? How to start conversation to convince him?

Husband doesn’t support! Divorce or peace – no more options

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Dear Geliomimuse,

I have read your other post and it really touched my heart. I totally understand you. I think the surrogacy or adoption can be a solution.
Try the former first. I am a women ( this is my opinion ) and while I am writting this post a man is sitting next to me thinking the same. The most important thing is the communication between you. Aks him about his feelings, fears because maybe he has a lot. His opinion is just as valuable as yours. Do everything you can, literally every option, until there is no other.
Please write me back , I am curious what about You.
Take care of yourself.

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