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What should I do? Am I ruining her life?

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So, its been more than a year since me and my gf ended up having a Long Distance Relationship, as she had to move to a different state for a college. Coming to the point, She made this guy friend, of whom i became extremely jealous, but kept it in untill yesterday. I was jealous as, she spent all her time with him, not that she had choice, he was her only friend in the whole damn university. I knew she couldn't get rid of him, cause she would get alone n stuff, but i couldn't bear the thought the he spent more time with my love than me. so, for her happiness, i told her all this and told her the only way we can solve this, is that we break up. We Didnt get to that part, as she had to go eat, She told me we would continue this talk afterwards.she did call, and gave me a news, she told me "i got rid of him", as she told me she realised she was all alone now and cried. It broke my heart. After this incident, she won't talk to me, she wont forgive me. I've said sorry alot. What do i do? Should i break up with her, im clearly Dont deserve her, she deserve better. Sorry for my English Hope you guys understand and help me

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