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- Jan 16 2012 at 16:07
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Relationship advice i and my boyfriend are in a relationship since 2 years and we av gone for small trips for 3 times out of d city and dis tym we got in to a very very big trouble which is really very embarrassing for my boyfriend and he is ashamed.actually his small brother told everythng to his parents about his trip with me and our relationship. now his family is lyk they are scolding him and considering me a reason fr his unemploymnt and failiure. i really cant understand why did his small brother had to say each and everythng to his parents and become a hero in his family and making my boyfren ashamed of everyone.the name of my boyfren is david. david is so damn embarrased and ashamed dat he is not even able to make eye contact wid his parents he is not even able to talk to me he is vry vry depressed. i am scared if tries to cmit suicide bcz no1 in home is talking to him they are treating him very badly and they are even blaming me and doubting my this point of tym i dnt kno how to react what to suggest ofcourse i can understand the embarasment he is facing bt i cnt feel the depth of it. please please suggest me what to do what to explain to david he has lost his confidence and is depressed and bcz of this even i am not able to concentrate anywhr.plz help me please.

i kno we broke the trust of our families bt we dont hav any such physical relationships btwn us.

plz help !!!!!!!!!!!1

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