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I’m not crazy, he is

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on Feb 8 2019 at 19:48
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Relationship advice Married 20 years. My husband has cheated before and we separated for a few months in the first years of our marriage. We worked it out. A few months ago my husband met a woman, a few years younger than me, who is blind and in poor health. They started talking on the phone behind my back. I found out by accident. Within 2 weeks of finding out he asked to separate and is sleeping in the office. Talking to this girl for 16-18 hours a day. He says they are only friends. Says he’s never slept with her. He spends the night at her house once a week. He’ll leave at 7pm and come home at 5:30am before the kids get up.

He says he separated because we don’t have enough sex, i don’t clean enough (he’s the stay at home parent. I work and go to school full time). I made him feel like Cinderfella. I think he’s cheating and he says I don’t want him to have friends or a life.

I’m not crazy, he is
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on Feb 10 2019 at 04:17
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if he sleeps at office how do you know they are chatting 16-18 hours a day? when does he sleep and work 6 hours of his day? if he sleeps at office why does he come home at 5:30am? if he is a good friend stay at home parent how does he have an office? surely he is cheating if you are not satisfying him sexually. suggest follow thru on divorce and find ambitious man so you don't have to work and focus on school. strange for a mom to not mention one word about her children. just saying....
I’m not crazy, he is
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on Feb 11 2019 at 09:18
Member since: 04 May 2018
HI- Time to seek legal advice. Why are you putting up with this nonsense? What office is he sleeping in? How old are your children? I would think the stay-at-home parent would be responsible for house cleaning; since you're working and going to FULL TIME! You may want to get some counseling as well to see if there is a chance in saving your marriage-(if that's what you want).

Time to open new checking/savings account in your own name- protect yourself.

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