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on Feb 20 2019 at 01:55
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Children & Young People advice Hi, i have a large friend group made up of 6 of us .. all different personalities and some alike in ways .. we struggle to stop fighting or dissagree on different things .. if 2 people do something without others there is fighting ..

currently there is a girl (a) in my group who hates another(b) because of a boy .. i see where she is coming from but still it is a bit unnecessary..

it makes me feel uncomfortable as when i spend time with (b) (a) gets narky and frosty with me but i feel like it is pressure to keep both of them happy ... i really dont know what to do anymore im sick of it all and i am in a really stressful year in school .. for me i feel guilty when im having a good time as this hangs over me when i spend time with some of the girls ... someone tell me what to do

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on Feb 21 2019 at 21:05
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Only spend time with people who affirm you and you enjoy being with.

Ask yourself “Is this good for me?” After being with them.

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