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Never been in a relationship

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on Feb 21 2019 at 03:00
Member since: 21 February 2019
Relationship advice I´m 25 and i basically never been in couple. I´m a shy person and i´m very insecure about myself. I´m afraid of unknown things, so i continue living at my comfort zone which is, continue being alone. I get unconfortable and nervous everytime people around me starts talking about their GF, BF or ex´s. its been years since i feel this way and i do absolutely nothing to get things changed.
Never been in a relationship
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on Feb 25 2019 at 19:51
Member since: 20 August 2015
You shouldn't feel pressured to need a relationship. And if you want to start getting to know people, you've got to make the effort and try to reach out to them.

Relationships, as well as the process of meeting others, takes work. You have to be willing to accept some chance of embarrassment and rejection in order to take chances and decide who you want to put your energy towards getting to know. Once you're in a relationship, you've got to maintain it.

We all have insecurities, just some people are more forward with them than others. Some of us are awkward people by nature, but "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Sometimes you'll spend a few weeks or months working up the courage to get to know someone of interest, only to have them not be available or interested. You might take interest in someone and give them your phone number, but never hear from them again. This will happen.

The most important thing is to be happy on your own, and content with your own life. If that is accomplished, then find someone who can further enrich your life. Don't look for someone who can fix you, or complete you in some way.

Be happy with yourself and the life you have. And if someone comes along and really captures your attention, go right on ahead and make a fool of yourself. And see what happens.

Never been in a relationship
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on Feb 26 2019 at 09:21
Member since: 26 February 2019
Altreal is right, if you follow his advises you will succeed. Don't be afraid of failure, or maybe, if you are too shy a little bit of alcohol could help you ;-D (A) 8=) (A)

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